E-Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Needs More Attention

E-Vehicle Charging Infrastructure

With rapid globalization and technology infusing into our daily lives, we are almost always surrounded by gadgets, technology, and electricity. Technology has revolutionized everything around us, from answering our doors to driving our cars. One of the numerous advantages of this technological evolution is the presence of nature and fossil fuels. As transport is a fundamental requirement of today’s daily life, vehicles are necessary, but the traditional design of the vehicle and its utilization of fossil fuels is emptying the natural resources. Thus, electric vehicles are the new solution, allowing us to utilize the remaining fossil fuel smartly and storing for later instead of the rampant transportation fueling, especially for a population like India’s.

India is going through the electric vehicle resolution, with the rapid adoption of people choosing electric vehicles instead of conventional petrol or diesel-fueled vehicle. However, the adoption of electric vehicles has raised the question of charging stations not being as widely available as petrol pumps. Worry not, because as the government has supported and raised awareness towards making the smart choice of going for electric vehicles, similarly, they are working towards installing various charging stations over the country. In fact, according to Markntel Advisors, the Indian government policies supporting the shift to electric vehicles and various programs to install a charging stations in cities and slowly reaching towns have become a trend supporting the electric vehicle revolution.

Why Should You Go for Electric Vehicles?

First and foremost, for any vehicle, the consumer looks first at the price tag and maintenance cost. Electric vehicles have way fewer moving parts installed in their machinery than internal combustion vehicles; thus, they have a very low maintenance cost. And subsequently, your vehicle’s yearly maintenance cost will be way less than your wallet might thank you. Moreover, electricity is much cheaper than fossil fuels like petrol or diesel. Thus, your travel requirement budget is going to save you a big chunk, especially if the charging is done with renewable energy sources, adding to the eco-friendly advantages of electric vehicles. Talking about the eco-friendliness of EVs, you can reduce your carbon footprint and be part of saving your ecosystem because EVs, your tailpipe emission, would be zero.

India’s Future Is Full of EV Charging Stations

India is adopting electric vehicles at a rapid rate, with two-wheelers and electric rickshaws sales bolstering the automobile industry. Many consumers have been worried about the lack of charging stations within the country, but as the government and manufacturers have observed a positive response to electric vehicle adoption, the next step of installing EV charging infrastructure has also begun. The government plans to install charging stations in shopping malls, restaurants, big parking, and other public places are there to fulfill your needs of charging your vehicle and taking away your anxiety about emptying power or battery while away from home.

To meet the growing demand, companies, and the government are both working towards introducing more charging solutions for your vehicle. Under the scheme of FAME 2, the incentive to install thousands of charging stations over the country by 2030, is the final push taking away your worry about public charging. Especially with the electrification of public transport including buses, autos, and more, the government is enthusiastically working towards fulfilling the goal of public charging infrastructures, as you may charge your vehicle at home, but public transport would need the charging stations. Therefore, throw away your worry of having to keep the electric vehicle always close to home, recharge it, and open your eyes to traveling long distances with charging stations present all over the country in the future.

Enjoy the added Benefits of India’s Policies Supporting Your EV Choices

There are added facilities you can benefit from by adopting electric vehicles over combusting fuel-engine vehicles, such as the Ministry of Road Transport & Highway giving green license plates to battery-operated vehicles to exempt them from permit requirements. Furthermore, they also notified states to waive the road tax on EVs to reduce the initial EV cost. By being part of the country’s EV resolution and enjoying the benefits while helping the planet and reducing pollution, one can gain the upper hand with the technological advancements in automobiles.

In A Nutshell,

The rising establishment of EV charging infrastructures over the country is slowly facilitating EV resolution, which you can also be a part of. With the latest designs of charging stations such as those of smart metering, better cellular capabilities, and more, there is more to come, and even faster charging in the future, which you can experience from the front seats by going for electric vehicles.

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