Here Is Why Video Surveillance Market Is Enthralling in UAE

Video Surveillance Market in UAE

Artificial intelligence (AI) technology is expanding quickly on a global scale. Deepfake movies, which blur the line between fact and fiction, and sophisticated algorithms that can outperform the top players in the world in multiplayer poker are just a few of the stunning new advancements that keep happening. Besides, businesses use AI to enhance analytical processing, and local officials use it to monitor traffic and manage smart energy meters. However, an increasing number of states are using sophisticated AI surveillance tools to track, monitor, and surveil citizens in order to achieve a variety of policy goals, some of which are legal, others of which are against human rights, and many of which fall somewhere in the gray area.

Because of its unparalleled benefits, countries are gravitating towards video surveillance services. However, here, we are predominantly concerned with the UAE as the nation has shown a rapid inclination toward these technologies. Besides, the escalating demand for concrete security systems across the banking & financial, retail, wholesale, and media & entertainment sector further pushes the industry across UAE. In this context, a well-researched report published by Markntel Advisors projects the UAE Video Surveillance Market to rise at a CAGR of around 4% during 2022-27.

What Exactly Is Video Surveillance?

Video surveillance refers to systems, technologies, and services, primarily used to monitor people, facilities, or places remotely or from a distance. The service comprises cyber security, management alerts, video recording, storage, and remote watching. Off-site, using the cloud, video processing and management are carried out. These services are beneficial and cost-effective techniques for strengthening security systems for people, buildings, and valuable objects. Demand for video surveillance systems and services is rapidly increasing in the UAE across commercial, residential, industrial, and institutional sectors.

A Glimpse of the Latest Technical Advancements

TRASSIR, a global video surveillance system manufacturer, breaks into the middle east market, especially UAE. CCTV cameras, video recorders, video management servers, cloud services, neural analytics, and access control systems are all part of the comprehensive video surveillance ecosystem created by TRASSIR. These ecological elements have been deftly incorporated into top-notch projects throughout the world. TRASSIR now provides a setting for offering security in a variety of industries, including retail, city surveillance, traffic, building, banking, and much more.

  • In May 2022, the opening of an Axis Experience Center (AEC) in Dubai was announced by Axis Communications. It has been the first experience center in the Middle East & Africa (MEA) created to give visitors a close-up view of the extensive network and security solutions provided by the top provider of surveillance services across the globe. Moreover, visitors would get to visualize how these technologies would turn out in scenarios ranging from body-worn and deployable surveillance solutions to vehicle access control and smart city traffic monitoring.
  • In 2020, UAE-based security surveillance and IT solutions, namely Secure Cam IT Solutions, hinted towards its plan to install around 10,000 cameras for free in one city of about 150 countries by 2025 as part of the $1.5-billion worldwide campaign announced in the same year. Besides, a 30-day recording capacity and an eight-channel HD IP camera system have been included with each CCTV equipment. As part of the campaign, “Secure Cam” seeks to provide installation, a two-year guarantee, and a free year of service.
  • In 2019, Etisalat launched UAE’s first cloud-based video surveillance solution, which provides small and medium-sized enterprises with 24/7 protection, real-time data access, remote monitoring, and customizable data storage scalability. Besides, All CCTV needs are covered by Etisalat Video Surveillance, including procurement, installation, testing, commissioning, and maintenance assistance. The necessary cameras, network video recorders with local storage, cloud video management systems with analytics, web access, mobile apps, and a seven-day cloud backup as a default for continuous streaming have also been offered.

Wind Up

It should come as no surprise that a nation like UAE must look for the most advanced AI technologies and devote significant money to strengthen its military-security capabilities and reduce crime rates. Besides, the leading players in the UAE video surveillance market are relentlessly looking for opportunities to expand owing to the continuous development of cutting-edge systems and the strengthening of the security infrastructure. Technological advancements like artificial intelligence, integrated into video surveillance solutions, shall further assist them in improving their service offerings and exposure across UAE.


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