Key Aspects to Assess Before Renting a Car in UAE

Rent a Car

Imagine going on a trip to the UAE, visiting all the popular monuments, sky-scraping buildings, pilgrim places, shopping malls, stadiums, and other attractions. Exciting, right? Yet, paying a heavy cost for cabs & taxis and using shared transportation, which is not necessarily at your disposal at all times, might be a setback for the trip. Fret not, renting a car has become an ultimate solution across the country & is gaining swift momentum among people, not limited to tourists & pilgrims alone, but also the local citizens and migrants, among others. Perhaps, it is why a recent research report published by MarkNtel Advisors reveals that the UAE Rent a Car Market is set to register a CAGR of around 8.9% during 2022-27.

Renting a car for the whole day might be the best decision you can make when you have all the time to roam around & explore the country. And why not? When you Rent a Car, you get the facility to utilize it at your convenience, move out at any time, and travel destinations without worrying about someone waiting for you or the high bills generated after each trip. While renting a car comes with a plethora of benefits, it’s time we dive into understanding the aspects backing the growing popularity of these solutions across the UAE and stimulating the industry altogether.

Prominent Perks: Convenience, Comfort, and Car 

The best thing about these solutions & services is that it is totally okay not to own a car. Renting itself means that the car is yours for a duration. All you need is a legit driving license and pay the due rent for the miles driven. Here comes convenience. Renting a car means using a smartphone-based application, you can get a vehicle at your location for your service. The major companies in the industry offer different facilities to the user, right from the option to choose from a wide range of vehicles, miles driven, duration of the rent, and let’s not forget the perk of not bearing the maintenance & parking burden.

Coming upon the comfort of renting a car, comes principally with the facility to use the vehicle anywhere and anytime without worrying about the driver and the choice to end or extend the vehicle use as per the needs. Moreover, many people are very particular about their car choices. Hence, the leading players operating in the industry across the UAE bring different vehicle models for the user to choose from and make their trip much more memorable and adventurous. For instance:

  • Europcar Rental is a Dubai-based service provider that offers clients an enviable track record since 1976 with its international service in Leasing & Vehicle Hire. The company operates in more than 14 branches across Dubai & the northern region of the country, having an extensive vehicle fleet of the latest models, right from economy to luxury vehicles. 

Role of Service Providers in Stimulating the Industry Across UAE

While having a driving license is a must for all, be it a citizen or a tourist, to rent a car, there are several documents necessary for a tourist to have handy. These could include a visa, passport, & international driving permit, among others. However, if you already have a driving license issued by countries like the USA, Canada, European Union, & the UK, among others, these document requirements might be exempted from an international driving permit.

One of the leading car rental service companies, Dollar Car Rental UAE, offers an extensive range of services like explore fleet, dollar prestige, rental add-ons, long-term leasing, & book a service, alongside great deals & discounts every now & then. The company also brings monthly rentals along with daily basis car services to users across the UAE.

Backed by the stroller’s facility at Dubai Airports Counters, the brand is further attaining significant recognition, consumer base, and profits across the country, thereby positively influencing the overall market growth. Recently, Dollar Car Rentals launched new counter locations across prominent malls in Dubai, OSR Mall (Dubai Investments Park), First Avenue Mall (Motor City), & Dubai Hills Mall (Dubai Hills Estate.

Since UAE is home to Formula 1, renting a luxury & frisky car is not difficult or uncommon. This way, you can get to experience Luxury cars like McLaren, irrespective of the economic class you belong to. The charges would be a bit higher but still affordable. Furthermore, with 52 accessible locations across, Dubai, Al Ain, Ruwais, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Fujairah, and Ras al Khaimah, Thrifty offers unparalleled flexibility and comfort by serving round the clock at a few of them including Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah International Airports.

Talking about mobile applications, Careem is one of the leading players offering a variety of ride choices. For an economical ride, you can choose a Hala taxi. On top of it, you can even ask your driver for a pick-and-drop facility for your things alone. The app offers certain loyalty programs and points redemption facilities. If don’t want drivers to assist you, you can drive it on your own. Thus, with such facilities, rent-a-car apps and websites are gaining massive traction.

A Way Ahead for Rent a Car Industry across UAE in the Future

Rent car industry in UAE is even distributed among natives and tourists. With a larger influx of tourists, migrants, and pilgrims, the industry seems unstoppable and hints toward the rpesence of lucrative opportunities for the leading players to expand their service offerings, reachability, and consumer base across locations, curating the industry growth. Additionally, Commercial Events like EXPOs & revived tourism shall remain a prominent & prevailing aspect contributing to the overall market expansion for Rent a Car in the UAE during the forecast period.


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