Smart Mattresses: What are they and why should you invest in them?

Smart Mattress Market

Today we live in an era of advanced technologies that we can find in almost every device around us. In recent years, smart innovations have come to the beds & mattresses that employ different technologies to provide you with a sound sleep. Smart beds or mattresses are powered by various beneficial properties that enhance your sleep and help you monitor its quality. They include customizable firmness & elasticity that offer the optimum support for your back & neck, body temperature & heart rate monitoring, sleep pattern tracking, and deep sleep monitoring, among others.

People worldwide are adopting comfortable lifestyles & increasingly spending on various intelligent devices & accessories owing to their improving disposable income & rising health consciousness to make their lives convenient. Consequently, smart mattresses have also gained momentum as more & more consumers are willing to keep their daily activities, including sleep patterns & quality, in check. In view of this, a recent research study has revealed that the Global Smart Mattress Market is set to record around 17.49% CAGR between 2022 & 2027, which would be propelled by the growing availability of high-speed internet and the mounting prevalence of smart home devices worldwide.

Here are the Key Reasons to Buy Smart Beds

A large number of brands are introducing smart mattresses globally, and choosing the one that suits you best might be a difficult choice to make. However, a company with a proven history of devising noteworthy products and a solid reputation is the one you should select. Have a look at the top benefits offered by smart beds & mattresses.

  • Sleep Pattern & Quality Monitoring: Sensors integrated into smart mattresses gather insights into different parameters, such as your breathing, heart rate, body movements & temperature, etc., which are all then analyzed to determine how long you slept & were in each sleep stage.
  • Built-in Alarm System: A few variants feature an alarm system that changes temperature or uses gentle vibrations, while some are equipped with speakers to play various sounds to wake you up.
  • Climate Control: Some smart beds are packed even with climate control features that can regulate the mattress temperature (both warming up & actively cooling down), while some can only warm the feet area to induce sleep quickly.
  • Anti-Snoring Features: Smart beds have features to lift the leg or chest area automatically to help users breathe normally and not snore.
  • Self-Changing Firmness: Some models have adjustable air chambers that can modify firmness levels by inflating or deflating as the sleeper moves, thereby providing pressure relief on different areas as per the sleeping position.

Do I need Smart Mattresses?

At first, it might seem that these state-of-the-art devices are just for tech freaks, given the high prices & nascent stage of the industry. Well, if you’re healthy & don’t have any interest in intelligent features packed in your bed, you don’t really require a smart mattress. However, cited below are different conditions wherein investing in these devices would be worth it.

  • People suffering from OSA (Obstructive Sleep Apnea) & need easily adjustable bed positions
  • Those with chronic pain & require remarkable self-adjustable pressure relief
  • Anyone who requires a high level of temperature control & exceptional active cooling features— people with severe hormonal imbalances & rheumatoid arthritis, extremely hot sleepers, and women in menopause

What does the Future Hold for the Industry?

Smart beds are increasingly becoming prevalent in various healthcare facilities worldwide and hold immense potential to transform patient care by providing round-the-clock monitoring of body movements, heart & respiratory rates, and instant alerts in the event of an emergency. With improving economic conditions, more & more people are focusing on home renovations & enhancing the aesthetics of their homes and displaying an increasing inclination toward technology-driven lifestyle & smart home solutions, i.e., accelerating the popularity of smart mattresses across households. These aspects clearly cite a pool of profitable opportunities for manufacturers and a significantly expanding smart mattress industry in the coming years.


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